Monday, March 28, 2011

One Month on Etsy

Today I discovered the power of Etsy's own marketing.  A floradornment was featured in the pounced section of today's Daily Shopping Guide.  It did result in my first sale and much attention to my shop. 
Thanks Etsy - keep pouncing!!

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These are my latest 3 listings on Etsy:

I am enjoying working with beaded centers...

The button here is a Czechoslovakian Moonglow from the 1950's with a decidedly Art Deco feel...

...and here is a one-of-kind diamond shaped rhinestone perfect for this spring-inspired bloom of fresh greens and pale pinks.

Spring is definitely here in the southeast US where I live and I hope it will be with you soon, too!

Friday, March 25, 2011

What am I Doing with a Blog?

Not that long ago, I wouldn't even join Facebook.  Now I have.   I also have 2 email addresses, 2 Facebook fan pages (that was a mistake that seems unfixable) a website and now a blog.  Granted most are to support my Etsy shop, but still - really?
My children will be so proud and now better able to communicate with me.  How ridiculous is that?  They only live 2 or so hours away and have cellphones with them every waking and non-waking minute.  Oh, well - I digress.
Back to my blog about Floradornments.  Now that is a short story!

Here is today's newest listing in the Etsy shop - Aqua Adornment!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Floradornments for Friends!

Today I completed some floradornments for a few friends!  This one is for someone who loves blue...
This is one for a friend with a new Vera bradley purse in corally oranges with turquoise...
(A close-up of the center)

...and a headband for her 5 month old granddaughter!  The center is a vintage Austrian button from the 1950's with tinsel glitter in a translucent soft blue and a bright rhinestone.

I also delivered a floradornment today for a teal and blue request - it also has a vintage black button with blue rhinestones.
The last floradornment delivered today was for someone with a cool green purse, also with an interesting vintage button!