Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Giveaways, Giveaways and One More Giveaway!

So its final!  Ta-da!

     Congratulations to the
"My Mom Rocks Giveaway"

- #6  - Esme Hernandez!! 

Esme will be receiving this floradornment, along with many, many other prizes.

              Ta-da, Ta-DA!
    The winner of the Dang Gina Gives Floradornment Giveaway is -
Comment #12 Stacie 
Who is LOVING all the turquoise! 
True Random Number Generator  12
   CONGRATS to Stacie!
Stacie will be choosing a floradornment from the Floradornments Etsy Shop or will have a custom one made.
Floradornments also wants to thank Gina for hosting this and to send her a big wish that she will have that baby ASAP!  Best of luck Gina - we're keeping our fingers crossed it will be soon, soon, SOON!
SO....giveaways, giveaways and....
This one will begin FRIDAY MAY 6...SO STAY TUNED!

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