Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th!

If you are someone who would wear a floradorned necklace then you could understand this fashion statement for today!  Just a little variation on the traditional red, white and blue.

This necklace sold in less than 24 hours to one of my newest customers in Perth ( yes - Australia ) and I wanted to be sure you all got a chance to see it.

The other big news of the past week is the Chic Street Boutique of San Diego will soon be carrying Floradornments! 
Jane, the owner, has come up with a most novel way of getting the goods to you - her boutique is a van!  How creative is that?
So if you are somewhere in her range of travel have a look out for her.  You can also catch her on Facebook at

Newest Listings:

Have a wonderful 4th!

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