Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where's the Floradornment?

Back on May 25 I told you about Becky's custom order for a tiny floradornment that was 2.5 inches across. 

It ended up in this brooch bouquet  - can you find it??

Thanks for the pictures Becky! 
I know the bride appreciated all the effort you went to to contribute something that was just right!

Here are the 4 floradornments listed today in the Etsy shop - all are fall colors.

I want to thank my customer who asked me to put a magnet backing on her floradornments.  What an inspired idea!  I have had nametags with backings that were magnetic and it enables you to put them on fine fabrics without destroying them.  Also in the floradornments world, with a magnet you can have much more flexibility in placement.  Just ask my dogs how they like wearing floradornments on their collars!
Thanks Marilyn for making something that should have been obvious to me very apparent!

Thank you all for checking in - I love hearing what you think!!

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