Monday, April 11, 2011

New Listings Today!

 This large (1.25 inch long) faux turquiose cabochon set in very sparkly rhinestones is beautiful!  It really pulls together all the green and blues in this floradornment.

I call this floradornment Golden Hot because the hot hot pink in the lower petals is really subdued by the olive green upper petals as well as the fabulous vintage domed gold rhinestone button in the center.

Also today this bi-color floradornment is all about polka dots - just in different colors!  Green dots on cream and black dots on grey fabrics, are set on a tulle background. This is finished with pale green, blue and cream-colored fibers secured with a vintage flower button set with one large rhinestone.  A light and whimsical floradornment!

This closeup shows a very interesting large black button set with jet beads and an interesting radiating line pattern.  The background of black and tan, evolving upwards into tan and pale aqua, then to a brighter aqua and white is set off with cream, pink,blue and green fibers.


  1. Your flower pins are the best I've seen! They are beautiful.

  2. These are so unique and beautiful!