Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wrap Up to the Blog Guidebook Giveaway.

 The winner of the Blog Guidebook Giveaway requested a toddler hair adornment to match the Rosy Aqua Floradornment she chose.

The beautiful vintage aqua rhinestone jewel in the center of the Rosy Aqua is one of a kind, and a bit too adult for a little person, so here is the "toddler" version to compliment it.
Smaller in stature, fun fibers and a sweet jadite button with shimmery pink rhinestones are the components of the juvenile version of Rosy Aqua!

Momma and baby will be at their new home later this week.

Thanks so much, again to all participants in the Blog Guidebook Giveaway!


  1. Oh that is just adorable! I love all of those colors together.

  2. as the winner of the blog guide book giveaway... I am pretty sure the neighbors were wondering why I was just screaming with excitement! I can not wait! These are gorgeous! They are for a wedding in Hawaii and I just know I will wear them much more after that! Thank you and once again, you amaze me with your talent