Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Do You Do with a Floradornment?

 I bought a head to display my headbands in my Etsy shop.  I had a suspicion that it was a little smaller than life size. 

I'm afraid I was right.

Well - at least you can see what I am working on now.  I was thinking this would be a lapel pin but I do like it on the hat band area.  This is a combined floradornment and is about 6.5 by 3.5 inches. 

This is a sneek peek ...
...what do you think?

 I LOVE this big blue button on the dark purple petals!

This floradornment I made for a friend who wanted something with coral undertones.
Can you see the floradornment?  What a great friend to wear it for such a special event.  This is NBC Augusta's group of Women to Watch in 2011! 
I have another friend sitting in the front row - it looks like she needs one too.

 While I was making the floradornment just mentioned thoughts of this purse kept popping into my head. 
Hmmm.....it does look awfully similar, but not exactly!!

Hello to all my new blogger friends who are now following Floradornments!  Its great to meet you and I really look forward to hearing your thoughts. 
Tell me what you think about the floradornments. 
What would you do with one?


  1. ooohhhh I love them all so much!

    The sentence *I bought a head* cracked me up!

  2. Love your Floradornments! Great idea, beautifully executed. Cheers, Marian